Edge International Communique’ January 2012


By Gerry Riskin | Jan 12, 2012

“The global legal market is in the early stages of its own version of “big bang,” creating a constellation of different structures and models for providing legal services.”
By Chris Bull

“The Excess Capacity Problem: When is Hiring Required?”
The capacity for performing legal work in most law firms vastly exceeds its normal demand. So how do you know when to hire?
By Ed Wesemann

“Using the Pareto Principle in Decision-making”
A technique for avoiding analysis paralysis.
By Nick Jarrett-Kerr

“Making Oxygen”
The value of urgency in creating strategy.
By Gerry Riskin

“The Need for Training of Lawyers in India”
As the Indian legal market matures, so do the requirements for the professional development of lawyers.
By Bithika Anand

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