Edge International Communique’ August 2011


By Gerry Riskin | Aug 16, 2011

“The Purpose Driven Law Firm”
What and who a law firm is for dictates its activities.
By Jordan Furlong

The reputational differences among firms in the U.S. legal marketplace are becoming greater and that could be a big problem for some large firms.
By Ed Wesemann

“Leveraging Strategic Metrics”
When complacency about real issues provides a false sense of security
By Nick Jarrett-Kerr

“Is This the Future for Law Firm Marketing?”
Engaging clients today requires commitment from an entire firm.
By Sean Larkan

“Considering Outsourcing, But Do You Really Know Why?”
In the rush to jump on the outsourcing trend, law firms forget about basic business objectives.
By Chris Bull

“Client Panels, A Retreat Checklist”
To get optimum results, panels must be carefully prepared.
By Gerry Riskin

“Top 10 RFP Tips”
Ideas on how to increase your law firm’s “hit rate” on RFP responses.
By Pam Woldow

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