Edge International Communique’ June 2011


By Gerry Riskin | Jun 21, 2011

“Margins: What’s Real, What’s Hype?”
In stating the obvious, the American Lawyer may be reminding us of an important point.
By Ed Wesemann

“Overcoming Fee Resistance”
The first step in convincing a client of your value is to have confidence in yourself and the fees you charge.
By Gerry Riskin

“Leadership is Baaaack”
Welcome back leadership development. The profession has missed you.
By Douglas Richardson

“The Two-Tiered Associate Myth”
The creation of permanent associates is about law firms figuring out that not everything they do is mission-critical, and changing their approach accordingly
By Jordan Furlong

“Building Capital Fabric™”
Now you too can build your firm’s capital fabric – get your partners to tell you how.
By Sean Larkan

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