Picture of Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris formerly practiced law for 21 years and served as Managing Partner for his law firm of over 150 professionals and staff. In 2004, he left private practice to work as a commercial mediator and has since mediated over 2,000 Superior Court cases. In addition, Jeff began a consulting and coaching practice for law firms and lawyers, assisting in the following areas:

  • New client marketing strategies and practice expansion initiatives
  • Collection support for large, problematic client receivables
  • New office planning and implementation
  • Workplace conflict resolution and client dispute problems
  • Improvement of time management and billings
  • Career transitions and lateral moves
  • Website design, social media strategies and management of Google Pay-Per-Click campaigns

Jeff brings a wide knowledge base to his practice as an Edge International partner. He was former Chair of his firm's Marketing Committee and developed and implemented marketing plans for the firm's Practice Groups. As a member of the firm's Strategic Planning Committee, Jeff worked on long term planning and practice growth initiatives. He was also a member of the firm's Executive Committee and dealt with budgets, staffing, receivable management, banking and expansion. In addition, Jeff was also tasked with lateral partner and associate hires and successfully built an Insolvency Practice Group for his firm. In his management role, Jeff also implemented Practice Group Leader training and modernized the firm's partnership compensation formula.

As a mediator, Jeff has resolved billing disputes between law firms and former clients. He has been nominated by the Bar insurer to assist in resolving professional negligence claims against lawyers. In addition, he regularly mediates professional liability claims against physicians, real estate agents, engineers and architects.

Jeff also brings his entrepreneurial background to his legal consulting and coaching practice. He served as CEO of a group of family-owned companies in the commercial appliance sector and was the founder of the first international seafood company to do business on the Internet.  His early Internet startup received media attention from CNN, Time Magazine and The Food Network.  

Jeff received his law degree in 1982 and remains a member in good standing of two Bar Associations. He also has a long service as a volunteer on the Bar's Lawyer's Assistance Program (LAP) helping lawyers with addiction and practice challenges. He obtained a coaching degree in 2005 from CoachU, one of the leading global coaching training organizations.

As a Black Belt in Uechi-Ryu karate, and as a fitness and martial arts enthusiast, Jeff has helped lawyer clients work on personal health goals and achieve better work/life balance.